Facebook post that will get mega likes?

Answer Upload any Angie Varona's photoIt, will get lots of likes ^_^

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Why cant i post my comments and likes on facebook?

Perhaps your brain is saving you from yourself. Or maybe because you're on Yahoo answers, not facebook.

If you post a dirty funny status on facebook and nobody likes it should you delete it?

Post another status saying "you guys are a bunch of faggots"

How do you make Photo,Friends,Likes and Post Public on FaceBook?

it depends on your age - you have to be at least 18

What is the method of converting Mega Bits Per Second into Mega Bytes Per Second?

Eight Megabits (Mb) equal to one Megabyte (MB).So therefore, 11 Mbps is equal to 11/8=1.375 MBps1.375MBps