Facebook problem, please help?

Answer Try and restore your ipod if everything is backed up it wont take long, and it might solve this problem :)

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Can you help with a privacy problem on FACEBOOK please?

Probably through someone else's facebook account who IS your friend.Facebook is never safe so best keep stuff on it strictly impersonal, else you'll have problems.Some silly people have been sacked... Read More »

Can anybody please help me with this tricky and irritating facebook problem which has persisted for 10 days.?

As silly as it sounds have u looked at ur settings? It could be something as simple as they somehow accidently got changed, if this is no help sorry-I find the face book help option is pretty basic... Read More »

Help please with facebook problem. I wish to add doorbell on my profile but it keeps saying error try later?

Theres a doorbell on facebook?I didn't know that.It sounds like another one of their glitches i don't think there is alot you can do till they fix the problem.Ive actually signed in and had a look,... Read More »

Facebook problem! HELP ME!!!?

try the I forgot my password button. That should send the password to you email. Then you can use that password to log in to the existing account to see whose it is. If it isn't yours, report it.