Facebook question: How do u deliberately appear in someones ''people u may know'' tool?

Answer how to do it. Keep on visiting their profiles more than 10-20 times..facebook will automaticly sugessting you to them as 'People You May Know'. Warning..this actually a way of facebook to... Read More »

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Facebook question, if you go on someones page or photos..?

Not unless you tell them or leave a comment or something. There's no way to tell who's been on your profile or what they've been looking at - it's all a secret! Muahaha x

Is there any way to like someones photo on facebook without people on my friends list seeing that ive liked it?

only by adding people to your restricted list

Is facebook statuses just a tool for uncool people to brag about their unexciting lives?

Haha! This made me laugh. When you did an impression of someone on Facebook it sounded just like something my ex-mate would put on her MSN personal message thing. And strangely enough, she spends m... Read More »

What do you think about people who scratch other people's car deliberately?

I am VERY careful not to scratch or dent my car, or anyone elses car. I always park with enough room to let others get into, or out of their cars. I even am sure to leave enough foom for someone ... Read More »