Facebook status question?

Answer thats checking in lolwhen you're at somewhere you "Check In" to places doing stufferm..i cant really help you any more than this, cause ive never done it before and im currently off facebook for le... Read More »

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Is this a good question for the exam I am having this month for my Facebook status?

There are exams for facebook status??What sort of questions are on the exam? Who gives the exam? What happens if you don't pass? Has everyone on facebook passed the exam? I never took one, and ... Read More »

Windows Live Messenger Question - How can they see my status?

hi -->if you delete a contact WITHOUT blocking, you only delete him/her from your contactlistso he/she can still see you online and send you messages-->if you delete a contact blocking him/her you ... Read More »

A Status on facebook?

It means he thinks you're a GANG-ster hence GANG-nam style. Personally I think you should take as much offence as possible and delete him.

Facebook status help?

You can make a new list and then add those people to it. Then later simply block that list from being able to see that post.