Facebook suddenly doesnt work on iPod touch?

Answer I really don't know, but if anyone finds out, please let me know as I have same issue! Using iPod touch 2nd gen so can no longer use FB app (it requires higher s/w now) I had been using it via Safa... Read More »

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Why Can't I Get My Facebook to Work on My iPod Touch?

The Facebook app for iPhone and iPod Touch let you browse Facebook in a simplified format for your device. Parts of the site will function differently on your iPod Touch. This is not a mistake -- i... Read More »

Will an Old iPod Charger Work on the iPod Touch?

The iPod touch uses a USB adaptor for charging. This style has been in use for years and some older chargers will work with your new iPod Touch. Cables older than 2004 may not work, and sometimes p... Read More »

Facebook on ipod touch iOS?

you Need to Get IOS 4.3 as the Facebook App Current Version is Not Compatable with 4.2.1 Sorry

Why is my ipod touch coming off the facebook app?

Yea, that means that the app is "crashing". It's nothing serious, happens all the time. That's why they do the app updates, to fix bugs and prevent crashes. Make sure the App is up to date, and you... Read More »