'Facebook user' What happened?

Answer She deactivated her account.If she deleted or blocked you, her name would still appear but it'd be in black writing.Do not worry, if she was your friend, she wouldn't block you :)

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Is it illegal for a facebook user to steal photos of another facebook user and shamelessly used them?

surly when ppl put pics of themself online there putting them out there at their own risk...

How many GB facebook needs for every user?

Depends On What you Are Doing on Facebook Each Action has Different amount of GB Requirements if you have a limited Amount of GB that you Can Use i Recommend getting a Unlimited Data Plan if Possible

What has happened to Facebook?

Facebook was hacked today and it has been taken offline for safety issues.Only jokin, i hope...Just some server issues affecting UK users, other users seem to be able to access it with no problems.

Facebook user question?

it means they had a facebook before, but deleted it. thats why its blackk.. and you cannot click on it.