Facebook... when someone has a box that asks "is she hot or not" ?

Answer i think you can change it when u click 'hot'ur soooo sweet 2 do tht!!

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My boyfriend asks me to do this,should I do?

theyre cut you will prooly look hott@+!!!!!!!

How can I get back the pop up that asks......?

Are you using Firefox? If so click on 'Tools' click on 'Options' click on 'Security' and click the box 'Remember passwords for sites. Thanks, I am using firefox so I will do this. For Firefox users... Read More »

If a place asks for you to send in a CV...?

Find an address for them through Google unless you know the office address. Address it to Human Resources and it should get to the correct person. Either that or even better call them back and ask ... Read More »

When someone asks for 'msn' are they really asking for my email address?

"MSN Messenger" is the former name for the product now known as Windows Live Messenger. So if someone's asking for your "MSN" they want your Live username, same as if they asked for your Yahoo, Go... Read More »