Facebook... when someone has a box that asks "is she hot or not" ?

Answer i think you can change it when u click 'hot'ur soooo sweet 2 do tht!!

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When someone asks for 'msn' are they really asking for my email address?

"MSN Messenger" is the former name for the product now known as Windows Live Messenger. So if someone's asking for your "MSN" they want your Live username, same as if they asked for your Yahoo, Go... Read More »

When you befriend someone on facebook and they refuse your request, do you get told that they've refused?

No, but when you do another search for them it will either say'awaiting friend confirmation' which means they havent accepted or rejected you yet.But if you have the option to add as a friend again... Read More »

What happens when you make someone a close friend of Facebook Does that person know?

You become a stalker. They have no idea that you've done it, but everything they do becomes a priority on you're news feed. It made me uncomfortable.

On that facebook group called receive a notification when someone views your profile, does it actually work?

no.that violates the privacy policy.Facebook says:"Facebook does not allow users to track profile views or see statistics on how often a particular piece of content has been viewed and by whom with... Read More »