Facebook who views your pagethe most?

Answer it used to be called stalker check but they changed the name to fan check :)

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Is there a way to check who views your facebook profile?

As stated above there is no way to view hits on your facebook profile, facebook have many policies enforced on the site and a program to track profile views would be a massive conflict with those p... Read More »

What are your views on under 12's having a Facebook account..?

technology is growing faster each day and more kids are adapting to the rapid pace. We might not agree with it, but it's going to be the cool thing for kids if it isn't already.As long as it's priv... Read More »

Help! what are your views on using pictures of own children as profile pic on facebook?

There isn't really much wrong with it, I don't think. I guess some people would just have a problem with 'exposing' their children on the internet from a young age and pedophiles and that, but obvi... Read More »

What would you think if one of your friends had there religous views as theistic satanism on facebook?