Facebook won't delete my photo?

Answer that happens to me sometimes

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If i delete a photo album from Facebook would it delete the photographs inside?

yes.. Just like when you're deleting a folder on your computer. If you just like to delete the album but not the photos, you might want to back up your photos first.

How to Delete a Photo of Yourself From Someone's Facebook?

You can delete a photo of yourself on Facebook by signing into the user's profile who originally uploaded the picture. Of course, you will likely need the consent of this user to log on to the acco... Read More »

How to delete a photo on facebook, without deleting the whole album?

Just click the picture and whilst you're viewing it, click Options down below and delete.

How long does it take facebook to delete a photo I've reported?

The thing will not get deleted until it has been reported by several persons.....Alternatively you can delete the content on your own...