Facebook won't remove underage kids unless a parent tells them to!!!!?

Answer I'm thinking the assumption is if a kid is that young, the parent has been involved....or maybe just they don't want crappy parents all up in their grill because junior is crying his account was di... Read More »

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I don't let my kids on facebook. Does that make me a strict parent.?

I don't think so. Your just being a good parent

How to Tell a Parent That Their Kid Is Disrespectful to Other Kids?

When you're a parent, you're equipped to handle your own children and their attitudes. However, when it comes to dealing with other people's children, how you deal is different. When a child who is... Read More »

Why do people without kids always park on the parent and toddler parking spaces?

There should be a law regarding this & providing penalty thereof to those who violate it like the parking for disabled people.

I am 34, full-time student, parent of two kids, what benefits, tax credits, income support etc can I get?

To " Penelope Pitstop!"How can she get a job???she is a FULL time student so hours may be 9-5, then she has to look after her children in the evening, then do her courswork.Also if she were to get ... Read More »