Facebook won't remove underage kids unless a parent tells them to!!!!?

Answer I'm thinking the assumption is if a kid is that young, the parent has been involved....or maybe just they don't want crappy parents all up in their grill because junior is crying his account was di... Read More »

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I don't let my kids on facebook. Does that make me a strict parent.?

I don't think so. Your just being a good parent

My kids are of school age,but i think i should remove them and make them work for their keep?

Are kids still allowed to be chimney sweepers these days?....That sounds good to me ! A paper round isnt going to keep you in Stella and cigarettes.

My car sometime wont start in the morning unless.....?

Does the engine turn over, but not fire up until it's been cranking for a long time? If this is the case and your car has a diesel engine it could be a glowplug related problem, or an air leak some... Read More »

Laptop wont turn off unless I take the battery out?

Check your power option settings are correct. In control panel.