Question error type 1?

Answer Hi,Yes, that is an annual event for that site, it should be back soon.See here :…Must be away for Christmas and The New Year?Arnak

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Type error null is not an object?

Sorry, but I think you're a little confused. This is Yahoo Answers, a site where users ask questions on any topic and other users answer them. This is not a support forum for Yahoo products. There'... Read More »

What can I do to prevent this type of banking error or fraud reccuring?

Well I also changed banks many years ago and later found out that I was paying a direct debit for a person of the same name who banked with a different but nearby branch of the same new bank which ... Read More »

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error 122 from storage engine?

Sony DVD/CD player problem can you help please Error message " I/O device error" any fix for this?

try re installing the software for the device...........go into system device manager from you control panel / device manger and uninstall it then reload the software or let windows recognize it an... Read More »