Farmville on facebook.?

Answer Hi you can only put cows in.I have been on facebook a few weeks & already

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How do I unblock farmville from my facebook aplications?

Simple, go to your Facebook homepage, place your mouse over the settings at the top and you can see account, privay, application settings and help,1. Click Privacy settings2. Now, click Application... Read More »

Are there any games like Farmville where you dont need to sign up for facebook or anything like that?

She might like this:…I know a girl who plays this all the time.

Any quick ways of moving on up quickly in farmville on facebook?

you can see the guide here :…

How can I cancel I made a mistake and paid too much to Farmville game on Facebook?

I can't believe people actually pay real money to play make believe games online. I mean, really?If you are having problems remedying this yourself, you need to keep sending emails to facebook unt... Read More »