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I have a Macbook laptop. Can I use it on the plane to watch movies Can I plug it in Prob easier to watch?

No, Macbooks are totally different than regular computers. They have magical powers that if you take it on the plane, the pilots will actually kill themselves.....I'm not serious you hipster idiot ... Read More »

Where Can I Watch Movies on the Net?

Movie streaming web sites that allow you to watch movies without having to first download them are very common on the Internet. Subscription services such as is a legal and inexpen... Read More »

How to Watch Movies on Nintendo Wii?

The Nintendo Wii is an amazing game system. With killer graphics, absolutely insane games, and a controller that has broken the mold with it's capabilities to "swing" and "punch" during game play. ... Read More »

How to Watch Cinema Movies Online?

Watching cinema movies used to be something you did only in the theatre. However, today you can also watch cinema movies at several sites online. Keep in mind that it is illegal to watch cinema mov... Read More »