Fear of being on a boat why?

Answer Maybe it's just the movement of the boat which is upsetting your balance very slightly and this in turn is giving you a sense of uneasiness. Or maybe slight agoraphobiaYou don't say which Country,... Read More »

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Phil makes a model of a boat using the scale 1:50 his boat is 30cm long wat is the length of the boat in metre?

The fear of becoming a" has been", keeps many from becoming anything?

Not trying is the failure everyday you wake up and you have to push yourself,,,,,,If you don't ,,,Who will??Fear is a nasty thing One must TRY to over comeThe quote above,,,,I'd rather be a has bee... Read More »

What Is Fear Mongering?

Also known as scaremongering, fear mongering is the use of fear to influence other people into taking a certain action or thinking a certain way. For example, some television commercials have been ... Read More »

How do i get rid of my fear of flying?

Don't worry you are not alone! Yesterday I was brave enough to take 4 seperate flights, definetly not by choice but for an out of state job interview. I spent all of last weekend and this past week... Read More »