Fibre Optic networking questions, signal loss fiber?

Answer This all depends on the wave length: Find out your wave length and you'll get your answer.And if you want me to do your homework... then you must know the wave length is based on the application b... Read More »

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Fibre Optic?

I can't answer your specific questions but we are with BT and we've just upgraded to fibre optic - it makes computer activity very much faster, both on the desktop and my laptop (with wifi). The ma... Read More »

Where is Fibre Optic cable used?

FIbre optic is mainly used from your ISP's data points to your home, then its converted into a coaxil cable and then into your standard generic RJ45 connector.Big offices wont use Optics to route t... Read More »

How can i get fibre optic broadband from Sky but not BT?

Sky did give you a straight answer,they said you can get Fibre Broadband.Sky have their own Fibre Broadband equipment at many exchanges this is why the test for Sky Fibre Broadband at your exchange... Read More »

What speed can I expect with Fibre Optic?

Well you must be right out in the sticks if you are getting 0.6Mb and you are measuring it correctly.So there will be no Virgin cable as the companies that they bought out ( Telewest and others ) o... Read More »