File Sharing with the BT Home Hub! ?

Answer Since the Home Hub isn't running an open source system, you can't add that feature to it.

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Can i infect other people with a virus through file sharing?

@Rusty NutGet with it torrents are a lot worse then file sharing when it comes to getting viruses.

What Is File Sharing?

File sharing, in Internet terminology, is a means of exchanging files between computers over the Internet. The term “file sharing” can also refer to disk sharing or server sharing between computers... Read More »

File sharing problem?

I got the same problem, I fixed it by downloading the trial version of network magic [] it will configure your machines, then just uninstall it. it's easier than to go al... Read More »

Is file sharing illegal?

The Music, Software and Film industries say the sharing of copywrited material is 'illegal'.They all say they are losing Millions of £ and $ around the world because of it, makes me wonder though,... Read More »