Flv file how to open?

Answer Hi,You have to download the softwares / Real player from the Internet.Just install the following software and it will take care about all types of Videos...You can Download SM Player from http://sm... Read More »

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What is the difference if i "open file" or "save file"?

Open File means that you're opening the file, or a file that has already been saved.Save File means well you're basically saving it onto your system. :DHope thiss helped... ;]xxxx

How to Open a DEX File?

A DEX file is a Dalvik Executable file, a code file for the Android operating system that can also be interpreted by the Dalvik virtual machine. Create DEX files manually as text files in a text ed... Read More »

How to Open a .CDF File?

A CDF file is a Microsoft Active Channel Definition file. Channels were once used as a method to push content to Web browsers by creating a connection with a port on the content delivery Web server... Read More »

How to Open an MDI File?

MDI is a proprietary file extension used by Microsoft Office software. It is based on the TIFF image format and stands for \"Microsoft Document Imaging.\" Typically, files with the .mdi extension a... Read More »