Flying Insects that Live Underground?

Answer Several species of bees and wasps live in underground nests. Bees and wasps build their nests in abandoned rodent burrows and tunnels that they find in the ground. Some, like the mining bee, will d... Read More »

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Bugs & Insects That Live Underground?

There are many bugs and insects living underground. Many of these soil-dwelling creatures are known to be small in size and display physical features which have been adapted in order to survive in ... Read More »

Flying Insects That Burrow in the Ground?

Some winged insects gestate beneath the soil before taking flight. Burrowing bugs use the warmth and protection of the Earth to shelter young and hide from predators. But nature has also provided t... Read More »

Flying Insects That Sting More Than Once?

Unlike biting insects, stinging insects possess a piercing organ called a sting, which delivers venom. A few can even sting repeatedly. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology report... Read More »

Wasps That Live Underground?

People often assume that wasps live above ground because they are most commonly seen flying around and nesting on porches and windowsills. But some wasps create their hives overground, making tunne... Read More »