For Those Who Know A Lot About Computer Specifications?

Answer bottom line, if you are a big gamer you want as much memory as you can afford, if it is a 64 bit system it should have a minimum of 4 gigs of RAM, less than that for a 32 bit. hard drive space isn'... Read More »

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This is for those who know about banking.?

He'll have to pay it in rupees and it'll have to get converted into GBP when it gets to the UK. People in the US send me cheques and I have to take them to the bank here in the UK. My cousin in Aus... Read More »

For those who know about training contracts and law?

Do you mean they got those grades in individual modules or as their overall degree grade? If the latter, then yes, unfortunately they are fooling themselves. It has always been extremely difficult ... Read More »

A few questions about computer specifications?

Processor i5-3300 is faster than i5-2500K For example I build for my self custom computer about almost 1 year ago and choose GeForce GTX 560 by speed and other graphic card specifications and by ma... Read More »

Do computer science specialists know everything that's there to know about computer science?

the more you know the more your realise how much more you dont knowso the more you learn on a subject the further away all that there is to know on it getsThis is true for every subject there is.