Forex Trading and maths?

Answer Maths won't help much-after all we have calculators, spreadsheets etc. You need to read all the current news re global economies etc. Then take a view on which currencies look weak and which look s... Read More »

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Does anyone know about FOREX trading?

Why learn to trade the Forex the HARD way like most people who LOSE their money, when you can profit in the Forex the easy way?Just follow these steps. I've dumbed it down to the easiest, yet safes... Read More »

How does Forex trading work?

1st off your on the right track by educating yourself before jumping into forex. Open a demo account with 1 or several brokers and try them out. there are numerous site available. Buy a book or two... Read More »

Can i become rich trading forex?

Yes you can become rich trading Forex or in any other market as long as you know what you're doing, why you;re doing it, how to do it and more importantly know the rules and regulations that govern... Read More »

Can I get rich from forex trading?

I think the states said that 80% of people lose money their first year out.Also google forex scam - so you know how the scam sites work