Forex trading technical analysis - how to use forex trading technical analysis?

Answer Forex trading technical analysis is one sure way of increasing and constantly making profit in the Forex market as they can be reliable and efficient to my own experience 80% of the time. Obviously... Read More »

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Is technical analysis 'bullshit'?

live streaming news ...FA ....TA ...and Level 2 works miracles long as you have enough money invested to make a hit and run worthwhile...

Trading Forex Abroad?

It is never considered working, it falls under capital gains. Trading Forex is investing, not working.You will not have a problem. It is no different than a traveling CEO controlling his investment... Read More »

How do i start forex trading?

I find it hard to believe that people would think that no one makes money in the Forex market. The market trades over $2 trillion per day. Is this all a result of losing money?There is nothing to p... Read More »

Forex Trading and maths?

Maths won't help much-after all we have calculators, spreadsheets etc. You need to read all the current news re global economies etc. Then take a view on which currencies look weak and which look s... Read More »