Forgot in which order to connect adsl cable to Sky etc?

Answer Your dongles is actually the ADSL Microfilters. You will only need one unless you are using a fax machine.Have a look at this:'ve... Read More »

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What cable do i need to connect my PC to an ADSL Modem router?

you need an RJ45 Ethernet cable.dont go to the big shops coz they charge too much..max to pay is £1 per metrei have created a free computer help and advice website.http://freecomputeradvice.orgif ... Read More »

I can use either wireless or cable to connect to net.which is the fastest/best to use.?

a hardwired connection is usally the fastest way to connect as it is a physical connection and therefore has little to no lag time, wireless can be secured using wep or wap and has a little bit of ... Read More »

What is that cable called which can connect a desktop to a TV to use a monitor?

The white one with 30 or so little pins is called DVI, the blue one with about 15 pins is called VGA, and the trapezoid shaped one without any visible pins is HDMI. If it's black and circular and h... Read More »

BT ADSL Cable what is the difference with 2 pin and 4 pin?

Broadband connections use the US style phone plugs and sockets. Broadband routers require just two pins - which is what is delivered to the house by the telephone line. A third pin in the connector... Read More »