Fraps doesnt work properly!?

Answer When you start FRAPS, there should be an option under the FPS tab to display the frame rate. This might be unchecked, and you should adjust that. If it still doesn't show up, FRAPS may not recogniz... Read More »

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Help me the down key doesnt work but all the others do?

Why doesnt my Google work?

Sounds like you got a virus. run a scan on your computer

Radio AM/FM doesnt work in my car?

So what does or doesn't ..happen when you turn it on?Does it have power? No - check the fuse and cable harnessDoes it light up but do nothing ? May need the security code reentering or could be com... Read More »

If a key on your keyboard doesnt work...?

I've had this before and I just took the bottom off of my laptop and taken the keyboard out and blown it with some air.My keys started working again fine (:But if you're not too sure about doing it... Read More »