Free Treasure Hunt Clues & Riddles for Teens?

Answer Want to vary up that teen's birthday or other party? Treasure hunts are a great way to introduce some excitement and encourage some friendly competition. The only real limitation is your imaginatio... Read More »

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Treasure Hunt Clues & Riddles for Teens?

If you are having a party for a group of teens, force them to think in addition to eating food and playing video games by challenging them to complete a treasure hunt. Your standard X marks the spo... Read More »

How to Write Riddles for a Treasure Hunt?

Treasure hunts are popular at children's parties, whether the participants are miniature pirates hunting for buried treasure or explorers seeking out new worlds. Adults can get into the fun as well... Read More »

Outdoor Treasure Hunt Riddles?

Treasure hunts are an entertaining and energetic activity for children. Some of the better treasure hunts contain clues or riddles that must be solved in order to progress toward finding the treasu... Read More »

Good Clues for a Treasure Hunt?

If you want to entertain your children with an exciting game, send them on a treasure hunt. Some tips on how to write good clues to lead them on their way will help. Avoid clichés such as "X Marks... Read More »