Free Ways to Hide an IP Address?

Answer IP addresses are like Internet home addresses. They are used in identifying details such as the country, city and even the home from where you are browsing. Many people's privacy has been invaded b... Read More »

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How can you hide your IP address for free?

Use the Tor browser... Search sourceforge for it. It's basically Tor with Firefox preconfigured and Pidgin preconfigured. What is tor, you may ask?Tor allows you to go through like 5 other people's... Read More »

How Do You Hide Your IP Address Are There Any free Sites To Do This/?

use a proxy, but avoid entering your password into any of these or (one or the other)i have been using these as a workaround to th... Read More »

Does anyone know a free program to hide my ISP address?

Shouldn't worrying about it. Nobody else does. Put it this way, if someone was really determined to find your IPS it can be done, but they would have to get into the systems to find you.In the old ... Read More »

What are some free ways to change or hide your IP adrress?

The only information anyone can get from your IP address is the city in which your ISP connects you to the internet in, and that may not even be the city in which you live, so why you feel the need... Read More »