Free system check/repairers for Windows XP?

Answer Unless you bought a display model, (and sometimes even then) your computer should have either come with a recovery CD which will have XP on it (along with everything else that came with your comput... Read More »

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How do you use a system image you created on windows 8 and use it on a windows 7 laptop?

nope you cant use the windows 8 image and transfer it over to 7 because you are going backwards and windows 8 has components that cant really be read by 7 (mainly registry stuff) your best off by w... Read More »

Does anyone use Linux Ubantu is it the best Linux operating system And Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Ok, you shouldnt bother with windows 8, it is a mess at the moment.Windows 7 is like xp, it's a solid os, unlike your current vista.I would go with windows 7, skip 8 and wait for windows 9 or whate... Read More »

How to Do a System Restore on Windows XP?

At least once in your life, you'll have to perform a few troubleshooting tasks with your current computer system. Although you may try your best to keep everything in working order, it doesn't alwa... Read More »

Windows 8 system restore woe?

"Was it unreasonable to have powered off after such a long time of nothing seeming to be happening (other than continuous disk activity)?"Yes What is it doing that takes so long - 90 minutes and st... Read More »