Free wifi and type of antenna needed?

Answer do some google search on Cantenna, you could make your own an awesome antenna. However, there are some commercial Direct Omni Wifi allow you to establish the connection several miles away.... it o... Read More »

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What type of antenna and router do i need to start a wifi hotspot that can do about 2miles?

the best place to start is here is what i have found as the best site for equipment 1 that does up too 50 km http://www.ubn... Read More »

DIY: WiFi Antenna?

Whether looking to increase the strength of an existing Wi-Fi receiving antenna or building an antenna from scratch, there are many ways to boost Wi-Fi reception without shelling out money to an el... Read More »

How to Connect a WiFi Antenna to a PC?

Wi-Fi antenna allows a PC connection to the Internet using radio frequencies. That is also known as the wireless local area network (WLAN). To support WLAN, a desktop PC needs an expansion wireless... Read More »

Where is the wifi antenna in a laptop?

The antennas are usually in the screen frame - two or three depending if it's 'g' or 'n' WiFi.Note that 'Radiation' is a description of a shape, not a 'thing' - it's from Radial lines in a circle, ... Read More »