Question is a con - is this true?

Answer con

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I have been told that you can email mobile phones for free is this true,if so how do i set this up.thankx?

you can access internet and send emails from your phone if you have the GPRS facility enabled on your account by your mobile service provider. Contact your mobile service provider for more info.BTW... Read More »

Is it true that the bigger the lens on a camera, the more light goes through it and the better the photo or video My film teacher says that while this idea is logically correct, he didn't know if it was true. Your lecture slides say the answer is yes?

I'll assume that by "bigger lens" you mean one that is larger in diameter and that therefore collects all the light passing through a larger surface area. While a larger-diameter lens can project a... Read More »

I recently read in a sales brochure for a major international energy services company that the speed of light had been exceeded in 1995. Is this true If so, could you explain how this was accomplished — TS?

For very fundamental reasons, the speed of light in vacuum cannot be exceeded. Calling it the "speed of light" is something of a misnomer—it is the fundamental speed at which all massless particl... Read More »

Is this true?

Nope they cannot monitor your msn please note the goverment cannot monitor your msn due to several reasons. Firstly the computer network has a personal history logged on your computer it is in your... Read More »