Friends are removed from facebook!?

Answer it could be that they decided to deactivate their account for some reasonit could also be that they were breaking some facebook rules, like lying about their name or their age, or creating more tha... Read More »

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Will friends know I have removed them from the 'close friends' list on facebook?

No.Friend lists are there for you to help you sort out your Facebook friends.People cannot view any of the lists that they are in.All friends can see is Friends (everyone on your friends list) (unl... Read More »

A friend removed me from his friends' list on facebook- should I worry?

well if you haven't done anything wrong try not to worry!ive had the same experience but the guy deleted me from his own mistakes because it was his fault not minenot being close mates with him wil... Read More »

How to keep friends from viewing other friends on Facebook?

Since May 2010 Facebook offers again the possibility to stop showing your list of friends on your profile. This guide will show you how to do it:…Good luck!

How do I stop my friends on Facebook from seeing my friends list?

go to your profile > update info > on the top of the screen you'll find your name and (about) button change from (about) to friendsnew web page will be opened. your friends list will appear. over i... Read More »