Funny picture website?

Answer Tumblr!Seriously, go on google, type in "funny tumblr" or "humour tumblr"

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Thinking of starting a website with funny car bumper stickers, anyone have any funny slogans?

Diarrhoea is heriditary--it runs in your genes.I suffer from a sexually transmitted disease--children.Forget the Joneses,I can't keep up with the Simpsons!If you don't believe in oral sex,keep your... Read More »

How to Get Funny Picture Text?

It can be fun to store a collection of funny picture messages on your cell phone. You can forward these funny messages to your friends and colleagues from time to time. Or, you can keep funny SMS (... Read More »

How to Create a Funny Zombie Picture?

The Internet makes it easy to take innocent family photos and zombify them with special effects. The results can be creepy and hilarious and will make your family and friends do a double take. With... Read More »

Creative/Funny profile picture ideas?

To make yourself look small, take a picture of yourself (it's a good idea to look up so for example take the picture from a higher spot) and a picture of anything where you want to stand (maybe a t... Read More »