Answer In your position, if I did not want to build a PC, I would choose alienware. However, there are others, and you could pay someone else to build a computer for you. If you do that, the guy who bui... Read More »

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I am new to gaming computers and i need help?

As it's sold off-the-shelf, no. It can't play anything because:1) It's not a complete computer, there isn't any operating system included. You have to buy a copy of Windows 7 separately, which i... Read More »

Someone has offered me a gaming computer for £280, I don't know much about computers but is it worth it?

Looking at all the details it would appear that this is an amazing deal! Games like Skyrim and Fallout it will play for sure and should play quite well! Although, I think you should ask if there is... Read More »

I want to make gaming computers for a little bit of money on the side how would I go about getting sales?

Build them, then sell on Ebay, but make sure you can deal with the part guarantee's if a part fails, and other faults like DOA due to bad handling by shipping company...

Would having 2 computers connected wireless to a router slow down the other computers connection and speed?

We did the same thing you are doing! I have a computer in my room with a wireless card on my computer. My parents have the wireless router in their room. The only reason the internet would be slow ... Read More »