Gas Heat Efficiency Comparison?

Answer Natural gas furnace efficiency has increased significantly since the oil crisis of the 1970s. As fuel prices rise, our need to conserve energy increases in parallel. This has lead to significant ch... Read More »

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When the temperature is sub-zero (e.g., -40°), is it necessary to heat the electrodes or the gas or both for the tube to light What is the optimum tube temperature with respect to efficiency?

Fluorescent lamps do not operate well in extreme cold. Below about 15° C (59° F), the density of mercury atoms in the tube's vapor is too low to produce efficient light. While the tube also conta... Read More »

If metal is a conductor of heat, why is it that aluminum foil will insulate food and reflect heat?

Aluminum may be a good conductor of heat, but its a terrible emitter or absorber of thermal radiation. When you wrap food in aluminum foil, you dramatically reduce that food's ability to lose heat ... Read More »

I have a 306 the heater is working but no heat heat coming out of vents on dashboard fan kicks in?

On this model there is 3 points where you can bleed the cooling system.1 On the left hand side of the radiater at the top there is a bleed screw you will have to use pliers to open this.2 On the si... Read More »

How to Wire a Heat Strip & Heat Pump?

The thermostat controls the complete operation of a heat pump system installed with optional strip heat. Thermostat manufacturer algorithms determine the optimal timing and intervals for the heat p... Read More »