Get wifi password using program?

Answer The program you're looking for is airsnort, there is a Win32 version, but it's not as easy to configure as the Linux version in my opinion.

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This computer has wifi but no way to get to the wifi password?

Wi-Fi Protected Setupâ„¢ (WPS) is a standard to easily connect WiFi devices,Both devices have to have the WPS button to support this method. Here is Cisco's description. Read More »

How To Reset My WiFi Password?

Wireless networking is a common feature in homes and offices. Wireless routers provide access to a single Internet source, and wireless passwords ensure that only select users can access the networ... Read More »

changing wifi password?

id contact your isp ask them thats if they provided the router What is the precise make and model of the router.If we know that we can probably tell you how to connect your laptop to the router v... Read More »

Is there a program out there which can unlock routers passwords when on wifi.?

yes there is. ut it is illegal and bad to do so im not going to tell you what it is