Girls, Make up or perfume, which would rather run out of first.?

Answer well, I would rather run out of parfumes, than of make up. 'cause, i'm a really nice smelling girl naturally, but have quite modest lashes and pale cheeks, also naturally ;)

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GIRLS: Which guy would you rather date (personality wise)?

Probs the second just based on personalities because the first is lazy and I would always want to be out doing things and clumsy doesn't really matter but being down to earth is really good :)

(Girls who would you rather be with/Guys would you prefer) a bigger package or more charm and better looks?

I agree with *Kerrie*.my guy is about the same size as her husband and I think the ability to laugh and make another laugh is more important. I'm not complaining because I love his huge penis and h... Read More »

(Girls) Would you rather be Pretty or Hot?

beautiful, but since that isn't an option i'll go with pretty :P

Which one would you rather eat wendys vs burger king?