Girls that wear make up: When you apply make up on do you ever feel like you're painting your face?

Answer no i feel naked without it..i feel like am putting clothes on! i'd rather go out in no shoes then going to college with no make up!...ok maybe not...but i'd rather go out with just a shirt on if it... Read More »

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Do girls who wear a lot of make up feel jealous when they see girls with natural beauty?

The only make up i wear to school is a little eyeliner and mascara and i have brown eyes. I get really jealous when i see girls at school who only wear mascara or no make up at all, and their the o... Read More »

Why do so many girls feel that they have to wear so much make up,what ever happened to natural beauty.?

Lack of self confidence - it's a mask to hide behind.

Girls-who feel confidet to go out the door with no make-up?

I spend a fortune on make up, but I only wear it if I'm heading off somewhere for an evening out, a party, or some other occasion when I want to impress in particular. Otherwise I prefer to let my... Read More »

Ladies, what do you wear to make you feel sexy?

I like to wear a schoolgirl uniform with long black boots! That always makes me feel sexy! xxx