Girls why has this random girl on facebook...?

Answer My goodness. Get a hold of yourself! If she's trolling your Facebook just block her (or set your Facebook audience to "Friends Only" in privacy settings). Don't let rude/ignorant people like ... Read More »

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Boyfriend adds random girls on facebook?

What a ******* pervert (your "boyfriend")If he's doing that then it's obvious he has NO respect for you and how it makes you feel. if he really cared he wouldn't look at ANY girl but you!! I would ... Read More »

Why do girls put random number as their facebook update?

This is a question for girls...Should a girl shave the upper part of her legs above knees?

NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER If you have unwanted hair above the calf then it should only EVER be WAXED off! Shaving stimulates the hair follicle and causes the hair to grow back more vigorously than bef... Read More »

Should i add this girl i like on Facebook?

yes! ohhh i love these stories! if you know she likes you she is probably waiting for you to make the first move. FB is a good way of breaking the ice then you can talk more to her in your class or... Read More »