Give me websites that you heard of or know of where you can get laid for free?

Answer Carpetright. You can get all your flooring laid for free

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We still haven't heard back about job after four weeks! should we give up?

move on to other interviews. obviously that company's HR department needs to learn some manners and proper protocol in regards to the whole interviewing process.

Ive heard avg free is coming to an end.?

I do hope that this is incorrect..........It is by far the best anti-virus program on the market, and to-boot it is free for personal use.It does not lie down to anything!It beats any of the other ... Read More »

Have you every heard of for free calls?

jajah is perfectly safe. I`ve had it installed on my Comp sometime now but very rarely use it. You used to be able to get free calls between other jajah users but not sure if thats still the case. ... Read More »

Looking for a website that will give me free business cards,and free post and packaging.?

I am sorry to have to be the one to inform you that the website you seek? well mate.... It just does not exist. first off how would a company make any money (stay in business) if they gave you free... Read More »