Going back to college to finish hairdressing?

Answer Hi, as Care is a 24/7 activity, I am wondering if you could swap your shifts around, as shown below...Either:mornings at college andafternoons & evenings doing care;orafternoons at college andeveni... Read More »

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Can I still be employed with a nvq level 2 hairdressing from college?

The qualification will help get you a job but the health issues are just the same weather you have qualification or not . You are picking a career that has constant challenges , instability and the... Read More »

I have a back bill at my old college that can not be paid off,but I want to go to college in my hometown help?

Submitting a fraudulent application is grounds for dismissal. You will have to pay what you owe before you can continue your education.

(UK)18 in 2nd year of college, finish in May and should I take an apprenticeship instead of going Uni?

There are few that pay well. Getting into the publishing industry is incredibly difficult - try looking on the Random House Facebook page (they have lots of internship opportunities). You may find ... Read More »

Is 22 to old to go back to college?

I'm 27 and getting ready to go back. I've just now decided what I want to do when I grow up.I think you should definately go back. It will be easier to do a job you enjoy for 50 years, then be mise... Read More »