Gordon says there are half a million jobs out there BUT there are over three million unemployed?

Answer that man not wired up wright

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I have over 1 million hockey cards 88-07 worth over $2 million us and want to sell them all $50,000 us now....?

save them and later, like probably the next 5 years or so, they will worth 2 million

What whould you do if someone gave you a million pounds or a million dollars?

Ask them why are they giving me that money.

Can I have serious answers to what I should do with 6 million pounds about 10 million US dollars?

with all the excitement Malcom Jr has just popped out, congratulations you're a daddy! now about that money.........lets go to Mothercare for a start, then its off to Essex to buy a rather nice moc... Read More »

Do you know the reason in a fact book for the following.. More than half a million road accidents every year?