Got an email about signing up for Facebook from someone I don't know?

Answer Its spam. I get "randoms" wanting to be friends on fb just ignore it.

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. I received this email from someone i dont even know. . plz. tell me what should i do?

it's a scam. DO NOT reply. delete immediately.If you give them your bank details, they would be able to empty your bank account. That is the real purpose of such things, to get your bank details.

If someone rejects you on facebook do you get to know about it?

You don't really know if they've rejected your friend request unless you're able to send another friend request. If you see that the request is pending, then it could mean that they're still thinki... Read More »

If you cancel an accidental facebook friend request, will they still see it or know about it or get an email?

I don't think she'll see it, because i have done that many times to people i didnt know, but if she does find out, say you found her by mistake and sent her a request by accident. you could lie, an... Read More »

What can someone discover about me from giving them my email adress.?

Depends if you have a profile setup too stating your name, location, hobbies etc. e.g. you can edit your profile if you have a hotmail or yahoo email account and your contacts can view this page. I... Read More »