Guys come on! If Facebook is down, we can just jerk it to some Redtube instead!?

Answer Just a ridiculous amount of "hey why is facebook down" questions here on answers. Do these people use the internet for anything else but poking people they don't know?

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Guys -why would you prefer to facebook inbox the girl you like instead of the wall?

I just asked my boyfriend and he said because it seems more private, and more like you're talking in real life. It makes them feel more confident in knowing that random people won't see it and be n... Read More »

If heat rises, how come snow accumulates on mountains Why is it colder up there instead of down here — HG, Grand Prairie, TX?

On a local scale, hot air does rise through cold air. That's because when hot air and cold air are at the same temperatures, the hot air has fewer air molecules per liter than the cold air and so e... Read More »

I'm getting Broadband. I have Windows 2000. Should I upgrade to XP or just get some anti virus instead?

I'd strongly recommend a firewall and Avast or AVG antivirus, an anti trojan, an anti spyware and an anti adware.The Windows firewall doesn't stop malware on your pc from dialling out. Either of th... Read More »

Petrol to hit £1.50p by end of the year will fuel prices eventually come down or just keep increasing?

The cost are just going to keep spiraling. Starting sometime this year, for example, is the new green car tax - which means any cars purchased in or before March 2001 will have to pay a substantial... Read More »