Answer Try using status shuffle on facebook. You will be getting many more status updates like this! :)

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Buy a car on ebay heeeelp!?

Hi,ebay of cousre has a lot of ads, but not only on ebay you can search a car.There are many others well-functioning used cars search engines like carpages or ... Read More »

URGENT! opinion about this car heeeelp!!!!?

the link isnt working...if its an older VW it will have electrical issues...other than that it has a good motor on it and usually no issues with them

Expert in cars heeeelp me please!!!!!!!!!!?

Hi there,I just checked the car advert link and it now says bidding has ended but the reserve wasn't met. It also states in the advert that the vehicle was accident damaged and hence written off as... Read More »

Heeeelp with my youtube videos?

You played the saved video in Windows Media Player means it is working fine.Check the following first:1. How much memory is left on Hard drive2. What is the MB of video you made with webcam3.Clean ... Read More »