HELP! (Hacked on Facebook!)?

Answer There aren't any reliable hacking sites, and if you know who took your account then you can have them arrested as it breaks the data protection act, and you have to think what if it was your bank a... Read More »

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Has My Facebook Been Hacked?

Here are some reasons that you received that message:-Facebook is under maintenance.-Your account is disabled/deleted for reasons/no reasons.-None of above? It could be the glitch. Some people ca... Read More »

How do u know when your facebook has been hacked?

Well if you can't access your account, or email account in order to change your password then most-likely you may have been hacked. Make sure the password and email that your entering is defiantly... Read More »

Someone Hacked my facebook?

Basically you can't and wont be able to.Your account's security is entirely your responsibility and no one else's!FB and any other site will tell you the same thing, use weak passwordsand expect to... Read More »

On facebook someone is saying your getting hacked....?

I never go on face book and it is true a woman was told her friend and her husband lost there passports and stuff while on holiday by some people who hacked into her account. She wired over £2500 ... Read More »