*HELP* I need assisstance with IP address and such?

Answer Take the PC offline. NOW.They will have already installed some malware on the PC and quite possibly disabled the antivirus / antispam. They may have already created a new account. It's possible the... Read More »

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Hi there i need help with boat electronics such as GPS VHF AIS etc?

dependsin simple terms for what you want you needa GPS receiver,a VHF transceiver,an AIS decoder (or engine),an aerial splitter (to allow the VHF & AIS can share the same antenna, or have separate ... Read More »

I need help with ip address range questions!?

The 22 is the CIDR mask which signifies a subnet mask of which means you have an IP address range of to Only B,C and E fall within this range.Basically the 22... Read More »

I need Acer email address plz help?

even easier…chat to them .online

I need help thinking of a new email address :\?

do something you like such a piece of jewellery like a diamond and just add numbers to it because otherwise the name it already taken so you might end up with