HELP me with this please how do I remove the "Find friends" section on my profile?

Answer Haha I doubt its got anything to do with the amount of friends you have. So Fb thinks you don't have enough friends but are insisting on you to but them into 3 sections? i doubt it.I'll look into i... Read More »

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Myspace questions- How do you get the small section that shows your friends on your profile and?

on the html where is says "font" put font=[insert color] like font=blue

Question about accepting friends on Facebook - can a friend limit how much of their profile friends see?

Yep, you can put any person (or any group of people) under certain restrictions on Facebook. I should imagine its not very nice being on the receiving end of it but I certainly have some people on ... Read More »

Are the six friends who show up on your Facebook profile the ones who view your profile the most?

Is this a good personal profile section for my CV?

I always thought that the personal profile on a CV was a description of what you do. This looks more like a paragraph that should fit into a covering letter. Personal profile is more if a 1 line ad... Read More »