HELP me with this please how do I remove the "Find friends" section on my profile?

Answer Haha I doubt its got anything to do with the amount of friends you have. So Fb thinks you don't have enough friends but are insisting on you to but them into 3 sections? i doubt it.I'll look into i... Read More »

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Please help me find out who is going on my friends facebook?

There is no help to give you I'm afraid.Your friend will have to contact FB themselves.They will not reply to anyone except to the account holder herself

Can someone help me find this dress with a shorter estimated delivery time please?

You can choose the cocktail dress via…There is a similar dress which can be delivered in about 4 or 5 daysGood luck

Why cant my friends see my old statuses but i can only see them how do i fix this please help?

Simples:)! Go as if you are about to make a status, then (depending on whether your facebook has updated or not), go to where it says friends/has a padlock, and you should be able to change it to e... Read More »

Hi!I'd like to improve my English and to find some friends..I'm italian, i'm 18...Could you help me, please?

sure, I could help