Hacking a Facebook account?

Answer Privacy. NO.

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I think someones hacking my facebook account.?

I honestly don't know what to say to help! Is it possible your Facebook is up on another device and maybe it just pops up? I'm not sure...also check your privacy settings on fb. Maybe even contact ... Read More »

What is the punishment for hacking someones Facebook account to unblock someone?

Under the Computer Misuse Act you have committed Criminal offences."Gaining unauthorised access" has a maximum penalty of £2000 / Six months in prison.(That is simply logging in to someone else's... Read More »

How to stop my brother hacking my account?

Well it must have been a very weak password for him to get into itin the first place!Passwords should be at least 16 characters made up of upper andlower case letters mixed with numbers.

Someone tried hacking my account?

What account? Your bank account? Your email account? Your online gaming account? Contact whoever you have the account with and ask them for advice. //#