Hard drive doesn't show in bios?

Answer some things to know1 if the drive does not identify itself but appears to work ie if windows is issuing...message, then that MUST come from the system drive. This would suggest(a) the drive is not ... Read More »

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How do you switch off an internal hard drive in BIOS?

If you are trying to reinstall the OS or boot from another drive, you do not shut off the internal hard drive. If you want to change the boot order you would just do it in the bios. To enter the b... Read More »

External hard drive wont show on boot?

Assuming that it is a USB drive then no it wont show while it's booting becausethe USB port drivers are the last to be loaded in the bootup sequence.Also the motherboard has to be capable of bootin... Read More »

I am trying to move a 4 gb file from my laptop hard drive to an external hard drive, but it keeps telling me..?

coz your partition has either got either FAT or FAT32 filesystem which allow a miximum size of only about 4 GB (maybe it dont allow 4 gb either but only those less then 4GB). partition your drive i... Read More »

Why is my 1TB hard drive only 913GB I picked up a 1TB external hard drive from Maxtor but why is it short?

the measurement of a drive is the value of the storage that is not formatted. its not short it may be the two ways that drive space is measured, in bin, a terabyte is 1,099,511,627,776 bits the oth... Read More »