Has Anyone Done Training with Just-IT Computer Training Company in London?

Answer I havent done training with these guys but I do know that they are well known in the field and getting into their programmes isnt an easy task. If your just starting out in IT then I wish you all t... Read More »

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I start my training with sainsbury's tomorrow for check out, and i was wondering what the training would be?

You can be paid anything from £3.64 and hour because it's the 16-17 minimum wage rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18. But Sainsbury's are a good company to work for, they may gi... Read More »

Other than on the job training, what else is involved in doing a nvq2 training for home care workers.?

Basically there are 2 aspects to an NVQ - whether you do it as home care, in a residential home or where-ever.Knowledge - there is a list of topics that you write about showing that you have the kn... Read More »

IT training at home how succesful are these programs and can you find a job easy after the training?

The days are gone when any old numpty can learn how to operate a mouse and move into IT - people want qualifications, these days.As a start, I'd suggest you got for the CompTIA Network+ - it's quit... Read More »

Need some help with business planning (training). i am trying to put together a yearly plan for training?

First you need to cost it. Questions to ask include:Will the training officer get any extra pay, be an extra post, or just be expected to do the extra work for nothing?How many staff will the train... Read More »