Has My Facebook Been Hacked?

Answer Here are some reasons that you received that message:-Facebook is under maintenance.-Your account is disabled/deleted for reasons/no reasons.-None of above? It could be the glitch. Some people ca... Read More »

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Has Facebook been hacked Should I log into Facebook?

Yes it was yesterday - someone found it funny to post porn all over it.Is it safe? - well that's a different thing. Put it this way Facebook is a site where you post your personal details and rando... Read More »

My Facebook account has been hacked?

for a start create a new email address then change your facebook account to it with a new password then u can sort out your friends later.

Facebook page has been 'hacked', any suggestions?

You might file a suit against the recruit. Even without actual legal action, a letter with a law-firm looking letterhead might persuade him to cooperate. Get a copy of all the content on the pag... Read More »

How do u know when your facebook has been hacked?

Well if you can't access your account, or email account in order to change your password then most-likely you may have been hacked. Make sure the password and email that your entering is defiantly... Read More »