Has anyone also got a notification from FB?

Answer Upon seeing your question I popped into mine to have a look and found this.New: The old "Who can send you Facebook messages" setting is being retired. Now anyone can message you, but you choose how... Read More »

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What is Email Notification?

Email notification alerts you when new mail arrives and can take place a number of ways depending on the application in use. Most email clients (the software that manages email) use sound files, an... Read More »

A notification popped up?

Yes it is fake and you need to do a full scan in safe mode with Malwarebytes to get rid of it otherwise it will keep coming back.

What Is Pager Notification?

Pager notification is an alert system that instantly informs an individual to a new incoming message. Such messages may include a new email, voice mail, text message or an internal message from an ... Read More »

What is Toast Notification?

This notification type is generally used when user interaction is not mandatory in order to view the message. The notification will be indicated in a rectangular box, which will constantly blinker.... Read More »