Has anyone also got a notification from FB?

Answer Upon seeing your question I popped into mine to have a look and found this.New: The old "Who can send you Facebook messages" setting is being retired. Now anyone can message you, but you choose how... Read More »

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I just got a notification form from the IRS saying I'm entitled to tax rebate?

Scam! IRS doesn't send e-mail.You Can Help Shut Down Phishing SchemesThe good news is that you can help shut down these schemes and prevent others from being victimized. If you receive a suspiciou... Read More »

Anyone got a job for me to do, I can help you also?

what sort of business are you looking into doing.i am trying to go partners with someone in a home based business but mines basically getting in touch with main companies with great products and ge... Read More »

Does hiding something from timeline also hide it from newsfeed and ticker?

Nope everybody can see it its just not on ur timeline

I have received a lottery winning notification from yahoo UK Ireland Whether it is genuine?